Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wonderful working time

I was told that all colleagues from my first company know the news that I'm leaving for Boston for Ph.D. study. I was shocked by the speed of spreading such an unimportant news. People really like gossips, even about some small people.

How small this industry is! Indeed, I would meet my old colleagues in many compnies of this industry, though I stayed in my first company for only one year. I really enjoy the actuarial job. it's quite challengeable and interesting. And lucky me, I always meet good bosses and nice colleagues. To me, there is no pressure at all in my work. I feel it's a pitty that I decide to get out of this industry. No matter what, I've got wonderful working time.

Thanks to God for giving me the opportunities of meeting those nice people. I'm very satisfied with and happy about what I've had so far. It's really wonderful!


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