Thursday, July 14, 2005

Student's visa - F1

After yesterday's interview, I received my passport with the F-1 visa tonight. The next job for me is to make a loan from the bank. I already asked the bank, and it's confirmed that I'm qualified to apply for the government's loan.

I talked to my colleague about my difficult decision today. He can understand how hard it must be to make the decisionat my situation. I hope I can choose a simple life. However, I feel that something in my heart is pushing me to take the more challengeable choice. I must be crazy. How can I give up such a good working opportunity and decide to take a risk in my future? What if I can't survive for the next, at least, four years? Moreover, what if I can't achieve my goal after my Ph.D. study? I don't want to just be a professor teaching in the university. I hope I can do something for my country. That's my ultimate goal of my life - to make my people happily live in Taiwan.

Yes, I must be crazy. I give the bet on my life. And after one year, everything in my life will be clear.


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