Friday, July 08, 2005


I finally talked to my boss about my future plan on Wednesday. He was a little but surprised and thought it was because I felt bored about my work. I told him I enjoy this job very much. The colleagues are all very friendly, and my boss is particularly kind and nice. I am really very lucky to meet those friends in my life.

But life is full of opportunities. Sometimes it is not possible to take all of them. Although I've already decided to study abroad again, my heart still hesitates a lot. I think I must be crazy to choose a life in uncertainty. It's like a big gamble. The award will be as great as the loss. It's indeed full of risks.

So, I will finish my job by the end of this month. During this short period of 4 months, I have the best and happiest working experience in my life. Yes, I'm leaving. But the memory will always exist in my heart.


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