Friday, July 22, 2005

Start preparation

I finally can start preparing for my forthcoming study. When I look for the textbooks, I find out that mathematics plays a very important role in economics study. More precisely, we need mathematics to interpret the economic phenomenons. Economy looks like a mathematic game. It keeps creating new problems with the growth of population and the development of technology. Once we can find a mathematic method, we can at least "control" the problems. Indeed, "control", but not "solve".

To me, economics is also similar to psycology. We need to know how people think and behave in the economic world, so that we can, again, "control" the problems.

I feel economics is much more interesting than mathematics. Mathematics is the same everywhere in the world, but economics can have various explanations in different places. It's about our living. And it depends on people, cultures, governments, international community, etc.

Yes, I just start to prepare for my forthcoming study. But I'm already in love with economics.


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