Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A dream

After I came back from the Netherlands, I have totally different feeling about people in Taiwan. When I see babies and children, I hope they can live happily without any hurt or pain. I hope all of them can grow up in a beautiful place like a wonderland. When I see the seniors, I hope they can also live happily with no worry. I hope they have no regret for living in Taiwan for all of their lives. When I see couples, I hope they can love Taiwan as much as they love each other. I hope they can live happily together forever in Taiwan. When I see the young, I hope they can find their dreams in Taiwan. I hope they keep a hope for Taiwan's future as well as their own futures.

That's the main reason why I choose to study Ph.D in USA. I hope I can do something for Taiwan, and for everyone who lives here. You may not believe how much I love my country. But I do feel blessed to live and grow up here.

It's a dream, a responsibility. and an obligation. Taiwan may not be changed because of me. But I can't live without Taiwan. I make the bet on my life, and my life is dedicated to my beloved country, Taiwan!


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