Thursday, June 29, 2006

[Poem] Pain of love

Deadly night gives a quiescent nocturn,
Inciting the fear of loneliness from every lover's heart;
Mild wind creeps into the curtains,
Searching like a novice for an evanescent guard.
The immeasurable distance elongates our spaces of solitude,
Dwindling the mirth of our old days;
The passing of time keeps the obstacle in the same magnitude,
Aggrandizing the doubts and dismay.
The nebulous sky shadows your semblance,
Your beauty and the soul of your life;
Nonchalance leaves our love to remembrance,
Lachrymose world and the darkness of light.
How can I survive for the following years,
if not living in your love but in tears?

Vincent Chen
Boston, Thursday 29 June 2006


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