Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why can't Taiwan be a member of WHO?

Simply because of China's insane attack, WHO rejects Taiwan observer bid for tenth time. China is definitely a powerful member, so no one dares to denounce its lies and fabricated information about SARS and other epidemic diseases. Chinese communist government does not care about the health of its own people, nor the life of other people in the world. What is exactly the reason that the wolrd has to listen to China's bullshit?

Taiwan has been working hard on disease prevention, even though Taiwan is not a member of WHO. Without Taiwan's effort, most diseases would have resulted in unexpected disasters to the world. But see how Taiwan is treated by WHO. Even Taiwanese news reporters are rejected by WHA. Taiwan is working for global good health, but the world is punishing Taiwan. What the hell is the world doing?

Is WHO really an organization caring about the health issue? I doubt.


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